Security is our primary concern at eCoffeeCard. We have several layers of protection against misuse and fraud of our system.

Coffee Cup Shoplifting - is a crime!Changing of Barcodes is completely random. This can be done by the café whenever they wish by a click of a button, or by one of our staff members when they do their weekly visit to the cafes. Once a barcode is changed it is not removed from our system. Any scans of this code are captured along with your details, including name, email, handset type, device numbers. An automatic block will be placed on your device as well as deletion of all prior stamps.

Secure QR code

Each café owner has the ability to see each and every transaction including your Name and how many coffees purchases are made, in both real-time on their phone and by an email that is sent to them each day.

Algorithms that measure the time between each scan and alerts us to unusual behaviour on your account.

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