Abode Cafe

28 Cornwall Street Lower Hutt, NZ, 5010
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Rating: 4.6 Stars *

Star Rating - 4.6Star Rating - 4.6Star Rating - 4.6Star Rating - 4.6Star Rating - 4.6

* - 4.6 Star Rating is based on 26 Verified Reviews™ from customers who purchased at least 1 Coffee from this Café.

  • 06/May/2016, Barb - Great coffee every time. Fast too and always a warm welcome and a cheery smile
  • 01/May/2014, Stephen - Great coffee and very tasty muffin
  • 09/May/2013, Jamie - Great coffee and awesome cheese scones, but often has really slow service, with the queue having to stand amongst the diners, instead of to the other side where there is heaps of space. Can't quite figure that one out!
  • 04/Dec/2012, Jude - Consistently great coffee and love using ecoffee
  • 21/Oct/2012, Justine - Great coffee great staff
  • 10/Aug/2012, Byron - I still cant workout how to use CafeWallet?
  • 02/Aug/2012, Andrea - Good coffee & food. Good on Dean for marketing new ideas and making the customer feel just a little special : )
  • 26/Jul/2012, Chris - Great coffee and a pleasant relaxing enironment
  • 20/Oct/2011, WAYNE - Great coffee and very friendly barista named Bonnie
  • 15/Sep/2011, WAYNE - Great coffee with a very pleasant and talented barista named Bonnie
  • 04/Aug/2011, Fiona - Great coffee with friendly staff
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