Red Orange

Shop 1, 28 Margaret St Sydney, NSW, 2000
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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri : 6am-4pm

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Rating: 4.5 Stars *

Star Rating - 4.5Star Rating - 4.5Star Rating - 4.5Star Rating - 4.5Star Rating - 4.5

* - 4.5 Star Rating is based on 52 Verified Reviews™ from customers who purchased at least 1 Coffee from this Café.

  • 20/Aug/2015, John - Great barista
  • 12/May/2015, Tony - Great coffee, great people
  • 18/Dec/2013, Jason - Lucky makes the best coffee
  • 13/Sep/2013, Margaret - Does a great job on soy milk-always just the right temperature!
  • 18/Dec/2012, A - Friendly staff and wonderful fast service, not to mention beautifully brewed coffee.
  • 17/Oct/2012, Jason - I've heard that Chuck Norris gets his coffe here...
  • 06/Sep/2012, Jason - Another great long black and I can face the day!
  • 23/Aug/2012, Jason - The salad rolls and the bacon & egg sandwiches are great too.
  • 23/Aug/2012, Jason - Good quality Vittoria coffee and lovely staff.
  • 31/Jul/2012, Edwin - Great people, friendly and great coffee
  • 03/May/2012, Everly - love the warm coffee and the barista's smile
  • 20/Feb/2012, Nick - Lucky is a coffee maestro!
  • 30/Nov/2011, Edwin - Great service as usual
  • 15/Oct/2011, Evan - The sickest coffee shop
  • 01/Sep/2011, Edwin - Top Gun, great service
  • 10/Aug/2011, Matt - Lucky is the Gladiator of coffee
  • 02/Aug/2011, Evan - Harry potter of coffees
  • 23/Jul/2011, Evan - Top gun
  • 19/Jul/2011, Everly - d best
  • 17/Jun/2011, Jacob - Great and nice staff
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