Presto Cafe

Foyer 50 Pitt St Sydney, NSW, 2000
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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri : 6am-5pm

Coffee Brand

Di Stefano. The Signature Blend

Rating: 4.5 Stars *

Star Rating - 4.5Star Rating - 4.5Star Rating - 4.5Star Rating - 4.5Star Rating - 4.5

* - 4.5 Star Rating is based on 26 Verified Reviews™ from customers who purchased at least 1 Coffee from this Café.

  • 13/Sep/2015, Percy - Good coffee and great service
  • 08/Jul/2014, Karl - great coffee and staff.
  • 06/May/2014, Rob - Excellent coffee prompt and friendly service
  • 04/Oct/2013, Ian - Excellent cup!
  • 10/Dec/2012, CLAY - Great coffee great service
  • 26/Nov/2012, CLAY - Great coffee great staff!
  • 25/Nov/2012, CLAY - Fantastic coffee
  • 27/Sep/2012, Danielle - Great service and great coffee - get Anthony to make it
  • 31/Aug/2012, CLAY - Great coffee
  • 29/Aug/2012, CLAY - Great staff and coffee
  • 29/Aug/2012, CLAY - Great service and coffee
  • 21/Mar/2012, Danielle - Great staff and the food and coffee is excellent!
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