Naked Espresso

Australia Square Food Court Sydney, NSW, 2000
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Rating: 4.3 Stars *

Star Rating - 4.3Star Rating - 4.3Star Rating - 4.3Star Rating - 4.3Star Rating - 4.3

* - 4.3 Star Rating is based on 28 Verified Reviews™ from customers who purchased at least 1 Coffee from this Café.

  • 15/Mar/2016, Kathy - Quality Campos coffee and always service with a smile. No complaints here! 😊
  • 17/Dec/2015, Jesper - Great cafe
  • 29/Sep/2015, Lou - Amazing service and coffee I cannot start my workday without a naked espresso longblack !!
  • 03/Aug/2015, George - Great coffee and very friendly staff
  • 09/Jul/2015, Marcos - Great coffee and nice service thanks
  • 27/Aug/2014, Wilson - Good coffee, even better service.
  • 12/Aug/2014, Luke - Good coffee, service getting much better! !
  • 12/May/2014, Matty - Campos Coffee, friendly staff. Pies are really nice :-) cool sit in are too
  • 29/Jan/2014, Pat - Great coffee, nice food. Could possibly make toast slices bigger :)
  • 23/Apr/2013, Peter - Slightly more expensive than some other options around the Australia Square area, but worth the extra spend for good, consistent coffee
  • 18/Mar/2013, David - Excellent coffee, great service!!
  • 13/Mar/2013, Charles - Great cafe - some of the best coffee in Sydney's CBD
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