Espresso Bianco

383 Kent St Sydney, NSW, 2000
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Mon-Fri : 7am-6pm

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Rating: 4.7 Stars *

Star Rating - 4.7Star Rating - 4.7Star Rating - 4.7Star Rating - 4.7Star Rating - 4.7

* - 4.7 Star Rating is based on 66 Verified Reviews™ from customers who purchased at least 1 Coffee from this Café.

  • 04/May/2016, Tom - No frills fast and good service, coffee consistently great!!!
  • 12/Feb/2016, Rodney - Great coffee and friendly staff
  • 11/Nov/2015, Daniella - Great coffe great customer service
  • 15/Jul/2015, Daniella - Great coffee and especially great sevice
  • 18/Jun/2014, Ash - One of the best places in the cbd. Great coffee...nice atmosphere...good food too!!
  • 26/May/2014, Ash - Great coffee and great food..Quite well priced and staff are pleasant and friendly.
  • 09/May/2014, Lily - Great coffee, wonderful staff, cafe setup: nice decor and ambience
  • 13/Dec/2013, Stuart - Great service. Wonderful coffee
  • 31/Oct/2013, Mani - Good service and coffee.
  • 26/Sep/2013, Timothy - Some glitches with registration. Otherwise, great !
  • 26/Apr/2013, Bryce - Good coffee on my last visits. Who can beat a great campos coffee?!
  • 26/Apr/2013, Bryce - Good coffee on my last visits. Who can beat a great campos coffee?!
  • 11/Mar/2013, Declan - Good coffee, good reflection of Campos brand - consistently good service every time
  • 23/Jan/2013, Lisa - Good coffe and friendly staff who remember and order after only a few visits!
  • 17/Nov/2012, Byron - Great strong campos coffee. Quick service and freindly staff. Best caffeine hit on Kent
  • 16/Nov/2012, David - Barista definitely knows what he is doing and the service is brilliant!
  • 25/Oct/2012, David - I've been raving about the coffee and food at Espresso Bianco for months to my colleagues. I now take a group of at least 4 there every day!
  • 23/Oct/2012, Steve - Beyond helpful with my choice of ciders. Always remember my order, great reliably barristered coffee.
  • 16/Oct/2012, David - Awesome service. Always remember customer names, pretty impressive for a busy CBD cafe! :)
  • 09/Oct/2012, Adrian - Quality inner city coffee.
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